Sizes & Pricing

Unit Size:
Equivalent to:
5’ x 5’
(25 Sq. Ft.)
mansfield_5x5 Personal Closet
Personal items, clothes, boxes, small furniture, business records, sales representatives samples.

5′ x 10′
(50 Sq. Ft.)
mansfield_5x10 Walk-In Closet
Small furniture, sofas, chairs, chest of drawers, box spring, mattress, motorcycle, seasonal outdoor furniture.

5′ x 15′
(75 Sq. Ft.)
mansfield_5x15 Large Closet
Holds approximately two rooms of furniture, plus other small items and boxes

10′ x 10′
(100 Sq. Ft.)
mansfield_10x10 Half of a One Car Garage
Three rooms of furniture and major appliances, yard equipment

10′ x 15′
(150 Sq. Ft.)
mansfield_10x15 Two-thirds of a standard One Car Garage
Two bedroom apartment or house, including appliances, misc. boxes and household items

10′ x 20′
(200 Sq. Ft.)
mansfield_10x20 Standard One Car Garage
Holds a car, pickup or a three bedroom house, including appliances, misc. household items.

10′ x 25′
(250 Sq. Ft.)
mansfield_10x25 Standard One Car Garage Plus
A three to four bedroom house with appliances plus lots of boxes. Business storage or boat.

10′ x 30′
(300 Sq. Ft.)
mansfield_10x30 Almost a Two Car Garage
Holds approximately eight rooms of furniture, appliances, patio furniture, misc. household items.

*All prices do not include New Jersey Sales Tax
* One Time Security Deposit and Lock Fee Required  (Not Included In Price Above)
* Units Are Not Climate Controlled